Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Workshops – Tours

Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Workshops and Tours

Take Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Workshops right here on our farm or at one of Costa Rica’s stunning National Parks. We offer specially crafted courses for Beginners and Pro’s. Take a tour on the wildlife filled canals of Tortuguero, visit Cahuita National Park for wildlife and beach time. Don’t miss the Travel & Wildlife Images for reptiles, sloths and other crazy wildlife found here on the farm in the quiet town of San Miguel, Limon Costa Rica. 

We have over 300 blog posts on different subjects mostly in regards to Costa Rica all contain images shot by our workshop instructor Barry Hovland. Click on a Section below to find something that interests you.


Would you like crisp, beautiful images of the Costa Rican Wildlife in your house? Go to our online store and pick out a one of a kind item.

Please visit our Marketplace for wildlife and rain forest designs on usable products like one of our Calendars, a cute wet sloth shower curtain, clocks, puzzles for kids and re-usable bags. Shipping is from the U.S. Why buy from Walmart like everybody else when you can have something special?

sloth puzzle

Tree tall green

Wildlife Calendar

Our Accommodations page has info on renting our rustic, hand-made wood cabins and directions to our farm. A stay on our farm is like no other. It includes an educational local plants and medicines tour. Enhancing your knowledge is our pleasure.


If you are coming to Costa Rica to relax and build up your health we can help with that too. We grow local, natural foods and medicines & can show you how to use them. The land basically made our Permaculture design for us. The farm had slopes so we only needed to add contouring. We have waterways so we created food borders and plenty of space for our staple carb crops of plantain and cassava (yuca). Visit our food section to learn more about how we feed ourselves and keep ourselves happy and healthy.

We moved countries to buy a farm with its own water source and some forest that we could protect. As we become more sustainable and dependent on the land we realize how manipulated our previous values were. Follow along with us as we build a new life. Homesteading is much harder than we thought but practice makes perfect. We make our own sugar, chocolate, spices and medicine. Wish us luck!

Contact us at or 506 8307 9218